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Why Use Us


Why We're Different

Whether you come to us, or we come to you, HealPrecisely’s vision is to transform wound care protocols that provide healing and hope.

Integrated Medical Approach

• Not a Debridement Factory
• Collaboration with entire medical & treatment team

Compassionate & Pain Sensitive Care

• Compassion (Safe Pain Medicine during treatment)
• Most Modern Tools (EZDebree)

Provide Most Effective Allograft, Per Patient, Per Situation

• Formularies that traditional providers do not use.

Leverage Scientific Advancement in Diagnostics

• Moleculight
• Real time Results
• Accurate measurement and wound care progression

Advanced Wound Care TOOL BOX

• Sanuwave UltraMIST
• Infrared
• Platelet-Rich-Plasm (PRP Therapy)
• Supplement Support Regiment

• Dietitian Counseling
• Most up-to-date offloading devices
• Constantly seeking new innovations to improve outcomes