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Why Use Us


Why We're Different

Whether you come to us, or we come to you, HealPrecisely™ vision is to transform wound care protocols that provide healing and hope.

Integrated Medical Approach

• Not a Debridement Factory
• Collaboration with entire medical & treatment team

Compassionate & Pain Sensitive Care

• Compassion (Safe Pain Medicine during treatment)
• Most Modern Tools

Provide Most Effective Allograft, Per Patient, Per Situation

• Formularies that traditional providers do not use.

Leverage Scientific Advancement in Diagnostics

• Moleculight
• Real time Results
• Accurate measurement and wound care progression

Advanced Wound Care TOOL BOX

• Sanuwave UltraMIST
• Infrared
• Platelet-Rich-Plasm (PRP Therapy)
• Supplement Support Regiment

• Dietitian Counseling
• Most up-to-date offloading devices
• Constantly seeking new innovations to improve outcomes