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Why Advanced Wound Care?

Millions Suffer

Over 7 million Americans suffer from non-healing wounds annually, and that number is growing every year as it is tied to diabetes and an aging population. Often times, it is difficult to find “Advanced Wound Care.”  Community physicians are not typically familiar with the new treatments and therapies to treat non-healing wounds.

Amputations & Surgically Removed Limbs

Almost 100,000 Americans receive a surgical removal of a limb each year United States. Such amputations are effective only as stop gag solutions, as current research shows that the amputations are a reliable predictor of death.


Visit our NEIGHBORHOOD CLINIC, located in front of Northside Hospital; or our MOBILE TEAM can come to the patient’s location for a thorough evaluation.

Types of Wounds We Heal

Diabetic Ulcers

Sores that occur in approximately 15 percent of patients with diabetes, commonly located on the bottom of the foot.

Sacral Ulcers

Injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin, typically from being bedridden.

Venous Wounds

Venous ulcers typically occur because of damage to the valves inside the leg veins. Without proper treatment they may not heal on their own.

Traumatic Injuries

Extensive wounds such as cuts, lacerations, or puncture wounds leading to damage of both the skin and underlying tissues due to a sudden or unplanned injury or accident.

Dehisced Wounds

Partial or total separation of previously approximated wound edges, due to a failure of proper wound healing.

Wounds Caused

By burns, cancer treatment, unsuccessful surgical pain interventions, and more.



HealPrecisely™ offers an Advanced Wound Care for patients who suffer from wounds that show no significant progress toward healing after 30 days of conventional (Standard Care) treatment.

Qualifications to Be Eligible for
Advanced Wound Care (AWC):

Wound Must Be Currently Open.

*In one NIH study of a biologix allograph, of the 14 patients who suffered from chronic leg ulcers for 24 to 84 months, all 14 patients in the study showed significant healing and were pain free upon follow-up.


HealPrecisely™ therapy is FDA-approved and covered by Medicare and most major insurers.

These include:

  • Most Medicare Health Plans
  • Most Medicare Advantage Programs
  • Tricare
  • Champ VA

Severe Medical Necessity

For patients facing amputations, we may evaluate the patient’s condition and refer the patient to a special advocacy service, so that insurance technicalities can be removed, or suspended to allow for medically necessary services to be provided.

HealPrecisely™ Good Samaritan Program

Uninsured and Under-privileged patients may be are eligible for our “Good Samaritan” program.

National suppliers and laboratories contribute expensive materials and supplies so that our medical team can provide charitable healthcare for humanitarian reasons to the most needy.


See Healing Progression of the Hardest-to-Heal Wounds.

WARNING: Graphic Images