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Mobile Medical Team


There Is Hope For Wounds That Won't Heal.

We can bring this life-changing chronic wound therapy to the patient's bedside.

Those who suffer from wounds that won’t heal often have other health issues that compound their challenges.

These can include breathing problems, obesity, and diabetes to name a few. That’s why our Mobile Medical Team can come to you–wherever that may be.

Whether it’s at home, in an acute care setting, or in the hospital, we can deploy our Mobile Medical Team to provide treatments without requiring you to come into our clinic.

Treatments typically take about 20 minutes to complete, are virtually pain-free, and can be performed in just about any care setting.

Better Outcomes

Some patients see measurable improvement in as little as four weeks for even the hardest-to-heal wounds.

Led By Experts

Our Medical Director is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and wound and hyperbaric therapies.


HealPrecisely treatments are non-invasive and virtually pain free to undergo and are all-natural and easily tolerated.

Mobile Delivery

Our Mobile Medical Team can deploy to a home, hospital, or aggregate care setting to deliver wound care.

Hope is Here Via Our Mobile Medical Team.

A treatment regime is usually 10 treatments, with one treatment being delivered every 10 days.

It involves our Mobile Medical Team cleaning and prepping the wound, then applying the HealPrecisely allograft over the wound.

Patients keep it on for 10 days until the Mobile Medical Team returns for their next treatment.

Some patients begin to see measurable results in as little as four weeks.