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STOP Unnecessary Human Suffering

Patients suffering from chronic wounds often fight depression and search for hope – their loved ones do too! It is a depressing condition that affects

over 8 Million Americans

That’s why it’s important for this news to get out:

Recent Medical Advances Have Transformed Wound Care, Providing New-Found HOPE for Even Chronic Patients.

For generations,

the treatment of chronic wounds remained unchanged.

While most patients responded to age old therapies, other patients found no improvement. That is why amputations in the USA has been increasing.

Over 8 Million

Americans Suffer from Chronic Wounds

over 80,000

Amputations occur every year

over 50%

Of post amputation survivors are deceased within only 48 months.

In America, over 80,000 receive amputation intervention surgeries annually.

NOTE: Medical analysis shows that a WHOPPING 50.3% of patients receiving amputation intervention due to presence of chronic wounds, are deceased within 48 months from the date of the intervention.

Doctor with Stethoscope

A New War-Chest To Fight Chronic Wounds

Scientific break-throughs have re-energized treatment of chronic wounds – and patient outcomes have sky-rocketed as a result. Taken together, this is called “Advanced Wound Care,” and includes a wide area of improvements and adaptations:

HealPrecisely Medical Icons

An awareness of the importance of nutrition in the healing process.

HealPrecisely Medical Icons

Improved off-loading from newly designed medical devices.

HealPrecisely Medical Icons

A commitment to pain reduction of every patient.

HealPrecisely Medical Icons

An awareness to the benefits of a “wholistic” approach to the healing process.

HealPrecisely Medical Icons

Nextgen wound dressings including PRP and Advanced Skin Substitutes.

HealPrecisely Medical Icons

A new array of therapies ranging from ultra-sound to infrared to stimulation; all of which are designed to improve vascularity in, and around, the wound bed.

HealPrecisely Medical Icons

REAL-TIME diagnostics capable of revealing hidden infection and circulatory failures.

Heal Precisley™ is a Leading Innovator in Advanced Wound Care

In addition of boasting a new are chest to combat chronic wounds, HealPrecisely™ staff physical clinics as well as mobile service that is capable of serving troubled patients in the home. This eliminates hardships and logistical nightmares that haunt patients suffering limited mobility. This has created a surge in patient compliance and improved outcomes.

HealPrecisely Mobile Clinics

“Healing Patients with Difficult & Hard-to-Heal wounds on both coasts”

Servicing the Following Counties:

  • Pinellas
  • Pasco
  • Volusia
  • Osceola
  • Lake
  • Collier
  • Manatee
  • Hillsborough
  • Polk
  • Orange
  • Seminole
  • Flagler
  • Lee
  • Sarasota

HealPrecisely™ Brings National Experts, Local Physicians, Highly Trained NPs, RNs, and Support Staff Together to Provide the Best Comprehensive Care Plan for Each Patient.