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There Is Hope For Your Patients With Wounds That Won't Heal

Are you a home health care professional caring for a client with a wound that just won't heal, no matter what you do? We can heal those wounds when no other treatments have worked.

Like most home health care professionals, you get attached to your patients and want to do everything in your power to help them realize a better quality of life.

For those with chronic wounds, you’ve probably exhausted just about every treatment prescribed and nothing has worked.

Like most chronic wound patients, the person you care for has probably tried antibiotics, hyperbaric treatments, or even ultrasound with little to no results.

The longer they live with their wound, the more pain they suffer and the more hopeless you feel for not being able to help them recover.

Better Outcomes

Some patients see measurable improvement in as little as four weeks for even the hardest-to-heal wounds.

Led By Experts

Our Medical Director is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and wound and hyperbaric therapies.


HealPrecisely treatments are non-invasive and virtually pain free to undergo and are all-natural and easily tolerated.

Mobile Delivery

Our Mobile Medical Team can deploy to a home, hospital, or aggregate care setting to deliver wound care.

Hope is Here. In Our Clinic Or Via Our Mobile Medical Team.

One study by the National Institutes of Health concluded that treatments like HealPrecisely can be the ideal choice over other tissue-engineered skin equivalents in wound healing.

They wrote “in addition to being an excellent scaffold, it has unique biological properties that are important for tissue repair.”

Because of recent preservation techniques and advancements in research and our mobile medical team, HealPrecisely can now bring this promising, proven treatment directly to your loved one at home.