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At HealPrecisely™, we bring hope and a promising treatment regimen to chronic wound care patients in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.  Ours is the first clinic in Florida to offer an FDA-approved therapy for patients suffering from hard-to-heal sores, burns, ulcers, incisions, and other injuries.  The therapy is an all-natural, non-invasive treatment proven to heal wounds quickly and effectively using amniotic membrane grafts donated by women who undergo Cesarean-section births.  This membrane, discarded at birth, is rich in cytokines and critical growth factors that can be applied to a chronic wound to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, jump-start healing, and reduce scar tissue formation.

HealPrecisely™ will be administering this treatment within its clinic, located at (address), and via a mobile medical team that can treat patients in hospitals, aggregate care settings, or in their homes.  It is covered by Medicare and most insurance providers.

HealPrecisely™ now offers an alternative to those patients living with open wounds or even facing amputation a chance to heal and regain their quality of life,” says Jennifer Rivard, CEO of Precisely Medical Solutions, HealPrecisely™ parent company.  “We’re pleased to be the first to bring this revolutionary treatment to Florida.”

HealPrecisely™ treatment has been studied by the NIH and other research institutions and has proven effective in treating conditions such as chronic diabetes, pressure, venous statis, and arterial ulcers, as well as chronic wounds, burns, skin lacerations, post-radiation wounds, and other chronic wounds.  Patients who undergo this type of treatment often see measurable results in as little as four weeks.  One National Institutes of Health study concluded that amniotic allograph therapy can be the ideal choice over other tissue-engineered skin equivalents in wound healing.  They wrote in a recent study “in addition to being an excellent scaffold, it has unique biological properties that are important for tissue repair.”

The amniotic membrane is a thin, strong membrane that, along with the placenta, protects a developing embryo in the womb against injuries.  It is the only all-natural, biologically derived allograft that is universally accepted by patients, regardless of the severity of their condition, blood type, activity level, or length of time they’ve been suffering from a chronic wound.  Amniotic membrane, which is routinely considered medical waste, is safer for the patient and eliminates the need to harvest skin grafts. Amniotic membrane donations are preserved per strict guidelines set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) to guard against any tissues that pose a risk of infectious disease transmission.

“We don’t want every wound patient–only those who have exhausted every other avenue.  We have seen remarkable results working with other providers throughout the U.S.,” said Rivard.

Chronic wound care patients also face other co-morbidities that can make wound treatment even more challenging.  These include diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, infection, a compromised immune system, peripheral vascular disease, paraplegia or quadriplegia, aging, poor nutrition, dementia or Alzheimer’s, emotional disorders or depression, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  In many cases, patients suffer from a combination of these health issues.  Because HealPrecisely™ therapies are non-invasive, chronic wound patients often tolerate them better.

HealPrecisely™ therapy involves prepping the wound, then covering it in an amniotic allograft, a patch of membrane material applied directly to the wound. The grafts are flexible, conform to any body part, and can be applied directly over bone, tendons, and other internal structures.  Each course of therapy is approximately ten treatments; one delivered every ten days.  In some patients, results appear in as little as four treatments.  Other chronic wounds might require additional courses of the 10-day treatment.

HealPrecisely™ will open its first clinic by late April but can begin accepting patients immediately for its Mobile Medical Team.  We will soon announce their new medical director and have begun assembling our care team of physician’s assistants, nurses, and administrative support.