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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Ali Saberi will serve as HealPrecisely™ medical director.  HealPrecisely™ is the first clinic in Florida to offer an FDA-approved therapy for patients suffering from hard-to-heal sores, burns, ulcers, incisions, and other injuries using an amniotic membrane allograft. Dr. Saberi is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, wound care, and Hyperbaric therapies.  He formerly served as the medical director for Baycare Home Health Care and was affiliated with St. Anthony’s Hospital.

“We couldn’t ask for a better fit for HealPrecisely™,” said Jennifer Rivard, CEO of Precisely Medical Solutions, HealPrecisely™ parent company.  “His medical background in wound care will be invaluable to our care team.”

Dr. Ali Saberi majorly focuses on preventive health care and treats patients in a structured manner, focusing not just on the ailment but also on the general well-being of the patient. Dr. Saberi graduated from the University of Pécs Medical School, earning his medical degree and completing his residency at the University of Tennessee, Memphis.  He holds eight five-star ratings out of ten on Healthgrades.

“I’m so excited to bring this breakthrough treatment to patients with chronic wounds–many of whom have given up hope,” said Saberi. “The fact that we can take the treatment directly to the patient via our mobile medical team will make it available to many who would otherwise not be able to receive it.  I’m confident we will greatly improve the quality of life for those suffering from the most devastating hard-to-heal wounds and injuries.”

Dr. Saberi and our HealPrecisely™ team will administer HealPrecisely™ therapy, a series of amniotic allografts applied directly to chronic wounds.  The typical course of treatment is ten treatments, with one allograft, applied every ten days.  The amniotic membrane, discarded at birth, is rich in cytokines and critical growth factors that can be applied to a chronic wound to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, jump-start healing, and reduce scar tissue formation.  Patients who undergo this type of treatment often see measurable results in as little as four weeks.  It is the only all-natural, biologically derived allograft that is universally accepted by patients, regardless of the severity of their condition, blood type, activity level, or length of time they’ve been suffering from a chronic wound.  Amniotic membranes, which are routinely considered medical waste, is safer for the patient and eliminate the need to harvest skin grafts.

HealPrecisely™ will open its first clinic in early August and is now accepting new patients who can receive care immediately via its Mobile Medical Team.