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Heal Precisely Team

PreciselyMedical works closely with healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers to develop proficiencies in identifying gaps of service and under-prescribed treatments.  HealPrecisely is a perfect example of this synergy.  As a facilitator of change for clinics, doctors, and patients, PreciselyMedical is honored to bring a new, life-changing treatment to those suffering from chronic wounds.

HealPrecisely offers patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, home health care agencies, and aggregate living facilities a scientifically proven therapy for wounds that won’t heal, plus the convenience of a mobile medical practice as well as a staffed wound care clinic.  Whether you come to us, or we come to you, HealPrecisely’s vision is to transform wound care protocols that provide healing and hope. Tampa Bay wound care specialists.

Meet Our Executive Team

Dr Ali Saberi - Medical Director

Medical Director

Dr. Saberi is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and also certified in Wound Care and Hyperbaric therapies. He is the current Medical Director for BayCare Home Health Care and utilizes an integrative approach

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Better Outcomes

Some patients see measurable improvement in as little as four weeks for even the hardest-to-heal wounds.


Heal Precisely treatments are non-invasive and virtually pain free to undergo and are all-natural and easily tolerated.

Led By Experts

Our Medical Director is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and wound and hyperbaric therapies.

Mobile Delivery

Our Mobile Medical Team can deploy to a home, hospital, or aggregate care setting to deliver wound care.

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