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Achieving Top Outcomes in Direct Comparison with Over 1000 Nationwide Wound Care Centers

Heal Precisely™ achieves a 98.05% healing rate, 6 points above the national average and cuts recovery times in half.

Give us your complex, chronic, and challenging wound patients.


A New Approach To Wound Care

Heal Precisely™ was established to be a PIONEER in advanced modalities of wound care, so that now, even patients in the Deepest Despair can find Hope and Healing.

Our company has re-imagined the mechanics of patient care for both “in-clinic” and “in-home” sites of service. And, as a result, we build close bonds with patients, and their families. Their battles become ours.

To solve the obstacles preventing healing often avoids amputations, and always restores joy. It’s easy to become highly dedicated with such rewarding work – Something special is happening here!

BRINGING WOUND CARE into the 21st century

Wound Care Experts Are Excited!

Perhaps no area of medicine has been stunted more than wound care. Over the last few years, the dams have broken, and new advancements of every kind are being ushered into the mainstream.

You Can Be Excited Too!

EXPANDED SERVICE AREAS + Mobile Service in the home

Announcing Extended Service Areas

Heal Precisely™ is servicing patients from Daytona to Naples. Fueling the company’s rapid growth is mobile service – sending doctors to patient’s homes.

This service uniquely solves transportation hardships for patients already in great pain.

Now serving Florida, from coast to coast.

Heal Precisely Mobile

A Prime Cause of Suffering & Pain

a first step to a downward spiral

Difficult, Complex & Non-Healing Wounds


Americans Sufferfrom Chronic Wounds.


Amputations occur
every year.


Of post amputation survivors are
deceased within only 48 months.


See Healing Progression of the Hardest-to-Heal Wounds.

WARNING: Graphic Images

Healthcare Professionals

Patient's Journey

Advanced Wound Care utilizes new diagnostics, advanced allographs, and innovative medical devices & potent adjunct therapies to produce consistently better patient outcomes as they move along the road of improved health.

Partnership Benefits

By sharing critical medical resources and expertise, the Heal Precisely™ team can leverage their partners' complementary skills to improve patient care without sacrificing positive outcomes due to the static nature of institutional wound care.

Tools & Integration

Heal Precisely™ believes in an integrated medical approach to patient treatment. We are not a debridement factory; our entire medical treatment team is involved in patient care. All patients receive compassionate care, and we leverage tools like infrared, PAR, supplement support, and Moleculight.