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Over 8 Million Patients Suffer From Chronic Wounds Each Year

As a discipline, chronic wound care has evolved little over the past 50 years. But recently, medical breakthroughs have propelled care regimens forward at light speed.

We are laser-focused on helping more of the 8 million Americans suffering from chronic wounds each year and preventing more than 100,000 amputations annually. That’s why we were recently awarded the coveted GR Consultants Center of Excellence In Innovation Award, recognizing HealPrecisely as a leading innovator in bringing advanced modailities from the lab to the patient’s bedside at lightning speed.

HealPrecisely™ Is The Pioneer In Chronic Wound Care

Faster Healing In Less Time

HealPrecisely™ has a 98% success rate in healing complex chronic wounds. We reduce the average healing time by 52%, and our patients see real, measurable results in just 30 days.*

More Choices, Better Results

From breakthrough allografts to advanced wound dressing techniques to better diagnostics, we’re changing the face of chronic wound care–one patient at a time.

In-Clinic And Mobile Care Delivery

We provide leading-edge wound care wherever the patient is, either in our clinic or at their home or healthcare facility.

Innovative Breakthrough Therapies

New diagnostics, devices, treatments and a novel mode of delivery of service are producing clear, quantitative results and hope for those patients who so desperately need it.

The Types of Wounds We Heal

We treat Tampa Bay area patients in our clinic located in front of Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. For those unable to get to our clinic, our Mobile Response Team services Florida from coast to coast and offers spectacular outcomes for these types of wounds:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Sacral ulcers
  • Venous wounds
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Dehisced wounds
  • Wounds from burns, cancer treatments, and unsuccessful surgical pain interventions

Patients Benefit From Revolutionary, Advanced Wound Care Modalities

Here are the breakthrough therapies we employ in the management of these types of wounds:

We’re Guided by the Best and Brightest Innovators in the Chronic Wound Care Space

Medical science and technology are constantly advancing, leading to new and improved treatments for chronic wounds, and our team is on the leading edge of this evolution.

“National averages suggest that +/-8% of all patients requiring standard wound care will fail to respond positively, thus requiring advanced modalities. Experience has shown a faster and greater rate of success when treating chronic wound care patients early.”

ALI SABERI, M.D.Chief Medical Officer

"Something that HealPrecisely is doing well is being very disruptive. What HealPrecisely is offering is really quite unique.”

TANYA RHODES, PHDChief Science Officer and Compliance Regulatory Advisor, Dermazone Solutions

“All of us in wound care understand the importance of innovation and the importance of bringing new technologies for the marketplace. HealPrecisely is bringing new products to market faster.”

GARY ROBINSONFounder, GR Consulting

A Results-Oriented, Positive Patient Journey

We Accept Most Medicare, Medicare Advantage, & Tricare

HealPrecisely™ accepts most insurances including Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Tricare. No referral is needed.

We Process Patient Claims

We work with insurers to make sure they get the maximum benefits available.

Most Treatment Plans Are Covered 100%

Medicare and Tricare typically involve no out-of-pocket deductibles for wound care.

We Help Resolve Issues

Should an issue with an insurer arise, you can be confident that our dedicated team is working hard toward a resolution.

Bring Us Your Hardest To Heal Wound Care Cases

Call For An Evaluation

No matter how complex or how many comorbidities a patient faces, chances are excellent we can heal them.

Begin An Integrated Treatment Plan

This may include a combination of therapies and disciplines depending upon the characteristics of the chronic wound.

See Real Results Faster

Our patients heal in half the time and have a much better chance of complete recovery than with traditional wound care therapies.*


  • How did HealPrecisely™ achieve such outstanding results?

    HealPrecisely™ partners with innovative and forward-looking companies from around the world to take scientific advances from the laboratory to patient care at lightning speed.

  • *How do you quantify a 98% success rate?

    Comparison of 1096 clinics/341,742 wound events. Wound Expert EHR by NEThealth. In direct comparison with these clinics, HealPrecisely healed 98.05% of patients, with the national average at 92.47% - a difference of 5.58%. The national average days to heal is 62, with HealPrecisely healing in an average of 30 days - a difference of 32 days, a 52% quicker average.*

  • What type of education does HealPrecisely™ offer?

    At HealPrecisely™ our medical staff is often among the first in the nation to receive new therapies, medical devices, and diagnostic tools to better care for patients with non-healing wounds. We offer an exclusive education library that covers the latest techniques in patient care modalities. You'll also learn about HealPrecisely's advanced wound care procedures and how allografts, xenografts, bioengineered skin substitutes, and growth factors are applied by our Wound Care Team.

  • What are your extended service areas beyond Tampa Bay?

    HealPrecisely™ is servicing patients throughout Florida. Fueling the company’s rapid growth is our mobile service – sending practitioners to the patient’s bedside. This service uniquely solves transportation hardships for patients already in great pain. Now serving Florida from coast to coast, our Mobile Care Team applies advanced wound care therapies at home, or in an aggregate care facility. This eliminates logistical complications that previously added another challenge for the patient to improve.

  • How can HealPrecisely™ save the healthcare provider dollars spent in delivering care?

    Because our staff serves as an extension to home health care teams, we can relieve them of one of their three required weekly home health visits, cutting costs by a third. We can save hospitals penalties for readmissions, and help ACLs improve the health of their chronic wound patients faster, often speeding up the time it takes to go from treatment to discharge.

  • Where is your clinic located and what hours is it open?

    HealPrecisely™ is located in front of Northside Hospital at 5880 49th Street North, Suite N-201, St. Petersburg, Florida 33709. Our phone number is (727) 300-0405 for inquiries or appointment setting. We're open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can email us at info@HealPrecisely.com.

  • Please tell me more about your Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ali Saberi.

    Dr. Ali Saberi's sole focus is on wound care and treating patients in a structured manner, focusing not just on the ailment but also on the general well-being of the patient. Dr. Saberi is a graduate of the University of Pécs Medical School, where he earned his medical degree and completed his residency at the University of Tennessee, Memphis.

    Dr. Saberi is a dutiful primary care doctor, who is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He formerly practiced in St. Petersburg, FL at BayCare Medical Group.

    Dr. Saberi is highly professional and treats his patients with empathy, respect, and thoroughness. He believes in delivering quality wound care that focuses on patient comfort and seamless recovery.

Join The Revolution In Chronic Wound Care.

Better health is possible. Hope is here.

*EHR by NETHealth