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A New Approach to Wound Care

Over 6.5 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds, bed sores and pressure ulcers. Much of this suffering has become needless, thanks to recent breakthroughs and innovations.

There is a need to differentiate “Basic Standard of Care” treatment from “Integrative & Advanced” treatment. Nowadays, even chronic and hard-to-heal wounds can be successfully treated.

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Dr. Ali Saberi

Heal Precisely Medical Director
Dr. Ali Saberi

Improving the Most Difficult Wounds, Ulcers and Bed Sores


There Have Been Many Recent Scientific Breakthroughs and Innovations.

Informed & Coordinated Medical Team

We place a very high priority on collaboration with Patient’s medical team. Understanding the patient’s medical history is of paramount importance in creating an effective treatment plan. HealPrecisley reaches out to Primary Care Physicians and other specialists that may have important notations and knowledge of the patient’s condition and history.

New Scientific Advances - Diagnostics

HealPrecisely is one of the first wound care clinics to use the MOLECULIGHT – a ground breaking diagnostic tool in the treatment of chronic wounds. This device provides the physicians with beneath the surface intelligence on bacterial infection and blood supply to and around the wound being treated. This introduces an objective measurement to chart progress and literally “takes the blindfold off” the directing physician.

New Scientific Advances - Allografts (CTP)

Allografts are able to provide the base line cellular scaffolding, so that cellular regeneration and healing may achieve a foot-hold and compound. AWC patients receive allographs directly on the wound for up to 12 (twelve) consecutive months. NOTE: Average applications are 6 (six) before patient’s own body responds, and begins the healing process independently.

Empowered & Connected Home Environment

The home and immediate care givers of the patient must be understood at the outset of treatment episode. All of life’s activities may impact a recovering wound care patient - diet; activity; bodily movement and off-loading; even transportation to doctor’s visits must be strictly managed to create the best circumstance for the patient receiving treatment.

Complimentary Ultra-Sound Therapy

In order for a patient’s own body to begin he healing process, It is vital for the cellular health in and around the wound bed to be ready to accept the “jump start” that Advanced Wound Care (AWC) provides. In many cases, applying low frequency, non-contact ultra-sound therapy in concert with allografts (CTP), provides the greatest opportunity for the patient’s body to respond with its own regenerative powers

Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a role in modern medical practice. In most cases, it is safe and severe side effects are rare. There are many indications for HBO treatment. The results suggest that HBO has been shown to be an effective method for treating complex wounds. It significantly improved wound healing. We are happy to collaborate with wound care partners throughout the Tampa Bay area to prescribe HBO as a compliment when the patient’s medical condition necessitates.
heal Chronic Wound Team

We Take Full Advantage of All Tools in Advanced Wound Care

It’s all FDA-Approved, covered by most insurance, and are showing success with the Hardest-To-Heal Sores and Ulcers.

Advanced Tools & Devices:

HealPrecisley stocks the most advance tools and devices in order to reduce the patient’s discomfort, and effectuate optimal healing.

Full Support & Consultation:

HealPrecisely makes available counseling & dietary and smoking cessation to support patient’s health and recovery during treatment episode.

Remote Patient Monitoring:

At home communication during “inter-sessional” treatment days are strengthened with the use of Remote Patient Monitoring devices.

Mobile Services Available:

Mobile Service ensures that patients maintain treatment regiment, regardless of transportation challenges.

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We specialize in treating the stubborn wounds that have failed to respond to conventional treatment. For those poor souls that have suffered for years … please understand that together we may be able to reverse the downward spiral associated with these conditions. You deserve to have HOPE. Learn more now

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Who is a Good Candidate for Advanced Wound Care Therapy

If you, or a loved one, suffers from the following conditions, HealPrecisely can bring much-needed relief. No case is beyond hope! Even for those at risk for limb amputation may find reversal and healing.

Qualifications to Be Eligible for Advanced Wound Care (AWC)


Wound must be currently open.


Wound(s) MUST be 1cm x 1cm or larger.

*In one NIH study of a biologix allografts, of the 14 patients who suffered from chronic leg ulcers for 24 to 84 months, all 14 patients in the study showed significant healing and were pain free upon follow-up.


The first step is easy and can be done with a tele-consult.


The first step is easy and can be done with a tele-consult.

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Tampa Bay wound care clinic is the first in Florida to provide amniotic allograft therapy for chronic wound sufferers.

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